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Basic Wiring Home Network. Smart TVs and speakers wireless enclosures lighting controls streaming media devices game consoles and connected appliances. Wiring a 4-way switch.

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Restart your router andor modem if no restart button just unplug for a few seconds Try different DNS servers video guide hereIf youre unfamiliar with the basics of how home Wi-Fi works and dont want to buy more hardware start with our guide to optimizing home networks on the cheap. Set up your home or small business with the latest devices. This guide will walk you through the jargon of setting up a home networkIm focusing on PC networking here but I.

Structured Media Centers or systems create one central hub that interconnects all the media devices and other electronics in your home.

In the next page Home Network Wiring and Setup - Chapter 3 Ill briefly describe Hubs and Switches and the Uplink port. Most computers now come already equipped with an Ethernet adapter its the squarish hole that accepts Ethernet cables. If the cables are hung overhead they are collectively called a service drop. Two cables carrying 120 volts each for a total of 240 volts and one grounded neutral wire.