In this section you can find the preliminary and final results of the study.

The final report of the study is now published, link to another website, opens in new window

Initial country screening (July 2015), word (191 kb), opens in new window
It presents an overview of the number of web accessibility monitoring initiatives identified in each of the countries covered according to the three types of monitoring initiatives set for this study. The information gathering was carried out during May and June 2015.

Selected information resources (July 2015), word (53 kb), opens in new window
The selection of resources includes: European studies on monitoring ICT accessibility and web accessibility, list of monitoring initiatives in the countries covered by the study, and finally a selection of relevant scientific articles on the subject.

Final Methodology Report. (May 2015), word (234 kb), opens in new window
This methodology report refers to the set of tasks and procedures put in place by the study team to conduct a research exercise in an objective, contrastable and replicable way. The final methodology will be implemented to carry out the study and will be revised if the study team considers it relevant with pertinent communication and justification to the Advisory Board and EC officers.