The study team

The research team is composed by several staff members of the consortium and a selection of national correspondents who contribute to the identification and collection of methodologies and initiatives for the monitoring and assessment of the accessibility of websites.

The main staff from the study team are:

Organisation Staff Contact Role in project
Funka Dr. Jose Angel Martinez Usero Project Manager
Funka Susanna Laurin High level contact with stakeholders
Funka Andreas Cederbom Technical manager
Funka Johan Kling Website development and communications tools
Funka Stefan Johansson Accessibility assessment
Funka Andreas Blackne Accessibility assessment
Funka Torbjørn Helland Desk research - data gathering in Norway
Funka Anna Kivilehto Interaction with stakeholders and dissemination activities
empirica Lutz Kubitschke Manager at empirica and data gathering in Germany
empirica Ingo Meyer Data analysis
COWI Rasmus Shermer Data gathering in Denmark and data analysis
EDF Catherine Naughton Policy analysis, Advisory Board and recommendations
EDF Alejandro Moledo Interaction with stakeholders and dissemination
W3C/WAI Shadi Abou-Zahra Technical adviser