The study team

A Study Advisory Board (SAB) has been set up with the intention of receiving advice on the proposed methodology for the analysis of the data gathered and providing useful feedback regarding the recommendation for a monitoring methodology. The SAB consists of a set of independent experts directly related with the web accessibility field, and with very wide recognition in the web accessibility monitoring field at practical level, but also in the policy, standardization and research dimension.

The Advisory Board will be chaired by Catherine Naughton, Director at EDF.

Members from national government bodies

Country: Denmark
Name: Thomas Frandzen
Organisation: DIGST-The Agency for Digitalisation

Profile: Special Advisor/ Programe Manager at DIGST, The Agency for Digitisation is an agency of the Ministry of Finance and has been established in 2011 to speed up the digitisation processes required to modernise the Danish welfare society. He has been the Special advisor on eAccessibility policy, including participation in accessibility-related negotiations in the EU Council Working Party on Telecommunications and Information Society.

Country: Germany
Name: TKai Morten
Organisation: Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Profile: He is responsible for implementing German legislation on web accessibility (BITV 2.0).

Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales Referat Va 1 "Grundsatzfragen der Behindertenpolitik" Wilhelmstr. 49 D-10117 Berlin

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Country: Ireland
Name: Gerard Craddock
Organisation: NDA

Profile: Chief Officer of the Centre for Excellence in Universal Design, a statutory body established by the Irish Government in 2007.

Country: Netherlands
Name: Jeroen Pastoor
Organisation: KING

Profile: Project Manager at The Quality institute of Dutch Municipalities (KING) is a small, agile institute, founded in 2009 by the VNG (The Union of Dutch Municipalities, and the lobby institute). KING advises and encourages municipalities in their organization development and implementation of tasks with instruments, standards and process approaches.

Country: Portugal
Name: Ana Neves
Organisation: Science and Technology Foundation (FCT)

Profile: Director of the Department of Information Society at the Science and Technology Foundation (FCT) in Portugal. The FCT is currently the public entity in Portugal with the mission of coordinating the Information Society Policy in Portugal. The Accesso Unit responsible for the monitoring of public websites is part of FCT.

Country: Spain
Name: Elena Muñoz Salinero
Organisation: Ministry of Finance and Public Administration

Profile: Head of Telematic Services Area at the Directorate General for the Promotion of eGovernment. Unit responsible for the Accessibility Observatory.

Country: Sweden
Name: Hans von Axelsson
Organisation: Handisam - Swedish Agency for Disability Policy Coordination

Profile: Programme Manager at Handisam- Coordination unit to ensure that disability policy will have an impact in all corners of society with a responsibility to monitoring and analysing developments, proposing methods, guidelines and guidance, disseminating knowledge, initiating research and other development work, and providing support and proposing measures to government.

Country: Norway
Name: Malin Rygg
Organisation: Difi - Agency for Public Management and eGovernment

Profile: Head of Universal Design Section at Difi, that aims to strengthen the government's work in renewing the Norwegian public sector and improve the organisation and efficiency of government administration.

Members from the academic, research and standardisation arena

Country: Austria
Name: Klaus Miesenberger
Organisation: Linz University

Profile: Deputy Head of the Integriert Studieren Institute at the University of Linz, Austria. He acts as the managing director of National Contact Point for EDeAN (European Design for All e-Accessibility Network) and was previously President of the Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe (AAATE). He was the Project coordinator of the eAccess+ TN

Country: France
Name: Dominique Burger
Organisation: Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Association BrailleNet.

Profile: Chair at BrailleNet. promoting universal access to reading .Early a part of the DAISY consortium. BrailleNet works with the largest French publishers.

Country: Europe
Name: Chiara Giovanini
Organisation: ANEC

Profile: Senior Manager responsible for Policy & Innovation. Chiara supports the Secretary-General on policy development and on relations with ISO/COPOLCO. She also manages the Design for All and Information Society Working Groups and supervises the Smart Meter & Smart Grid Project Team.

Country: Latin America
Name: Emmanuelle Gutierrez
Organisation: SIDAR and UNED

Profile: aDeNu's Research team Accessibility Expert. She has developed, along with collaborators, applications for Web accessibility of international concern as HERA, and materials and simulations for teaching web accessibility. Patron and Director of the Sidar - Universal Accessibility Foundation. SIDAR is active in the recent initiative on creating a web accessibility Observatory for Latin America.

Members from the industry

Country: USA
Name: Rob Sinclair
Organisation: Microsoft

Profile: Chief Accessibility Officer manages the accessibility strategy within Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing division, which focuses on integrity and responsibility in business practices. Sinclair is board president of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP).

Country: USA
Name: Andrew Kirkpatrick
Organisation: Adobe

Profile: Andrew Kirkpatrick is Corporate Accessibility Engineering Lead for Adobe Systems. At Adobe, Andrew attends to accessibility issues and planning with product teams across the Adobe product line and works with customers and standards groups, including representing Adobe on the Section 508 refresh committee.