Web Accessibility Monitoring Methodologies Study Workshop

Welcome to the Web Accessibility Monitoring Workshop in Brussels, Friday November 20th! We are happy to invite relevant stakeholders to share and discuss the results of our study on Web Accessibility Monitoring Methodologies.

The workshop is held November 20th at Hotel Marivaux Brussels, Boulevard Adolphe Max 98. The consortium and invited experts will present the results of the study on Web Accessibility Monitoring Methodologies. The study started in January 2015 and it is led by Funka, together with the European Disability Forum, Empirica, W3C and COWI.

The event will feature the framework of monitoring methodologies across Europe and will point out some relevant examples of representative initiatives, followed by an open discussion.

Register is now closed, but we offer the possibility to listen to the workshop online via Adobe Connect. To participate, please use the link below.

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Listen to the Web Accessibility Monitoring Workshop online, Adobe Connect opens in a new window


09.00-09.15 Welcome, presentation and practical information
Susanna Laurin, CEO at Funka

09.15-09.30 Background and study framework
by Jose Usero, Responsible for International Affairs at Funka, Study coordinator 

09.30-10.30 Study results
Analysis of existing monitoring methodologies across Europe, by Lutz Kubitschke at Empirica.

Validation of a set of monitoring methodologies, by Andreas Cederbom, Head of Analysis at Funka.

Impact in users and policy implications, by Alejandro Moledo del Rio at EDF.

Questions and answers from attendees.

10.30-10.45 Coffee break 

10.45-11.00 The case of The Netherlands, by Jeroen Pastoor, Project Manager at KING

11.00-11.15 The case of Spain, by Elena Muñoz, Head of IT Systems at the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration

11.15-11.30 The case of Sweden, by Hans von Axelsson, Senior adviser at the Swedish Agency for Participation

11.30-11.45 The case of Norway, by Malin Rygg, Head of the Unit of Supervision and Dagfinn Rømen, Technologist at the Agency for Public Management and eGovernment

11.45-12.15 Wrap up session, by Susanna Laurin

12.15-13.15 Networking lunch