The scope of the work is to cover all EU countries, the United States and at least another non-EU country. According to previous experiences, not all European countries are expected to be covered in the same extend, as it is already known by the Consortium that some countries will not report any initiative on web accessibility monitoring. Therefore, as a general approach, the study team will concentrate on those countries with national provisions in place and relevant exercises on web accessibility monitoring at national level.

The overall data gathering phase of the study will cover the 28 EU Countries, USA and Norway (as non-EU country). In this case we will count on the relevance and expertise of our 30 national correspondents.

In the phase of in-depth investigation and in the practical exercise the study will be concentrated in these countries with relevant exercises on web accessibility monitoring managed by public bodies level (Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and United Kingdom), preferably doing regular monitoring . Moreover, the study team will have also into account the countries with a web accessibility monitoring methodology at national level in place, but still not doing regular monitoring (such as Norway, Sweden and France).